Couple attacked at Motley Crue concert

Couple attacked at Motley Crue concert
Jeff Stone in the hospital following the attack. (Source: Jeff Stone)
Jeff Stone in the hospital following the attack. (Source: Jeff Stone)

CUYAHOGA FALLS, OH (WOIO) - A couple brutally attacked at Blossom Music Center is seeking justice.

Jeff Stone and his girlfriend Kristine Scheetz attended the Motley Crue concert at Blossom Music Center Tuesday night.

They were having drinks with friends on the VIP patio when a girl bumped into Scheetz and spilled beer all over her. When Scheetz brought attention to what the girl had done, the girl jumped on her.

"Another girl ran up and then another one jumped on my back and then another guy jumped in and just a swarm of people beating on us," said Stone. He got pulled in when he tried to break up the fight, and was even held down by two deputies until they realized he was the victim.

"She was beaten like a dog," Stone said of his girlfriend. "We both were."

Stone ended up with a dislocated shoulder, but Scheetz had more severe injuries.

"She had lacerations over both legs really bad. She has a huge knot over her eye. She has gravel that she's still picking out of her knees and feet," said Stone.

The couple was rushed to the hospital. They are now released, but police are still investigating.

Stone is offering a reward of $5,000 of his own money to help authorities catch the people who ruined their night and left him and Scheetz injured.

"It's horrible. I'd like them to be brought to justice," he said.

19 Action News reporter Tiffani Tucker reached out to the security company at Blossom and to Live Nation, the company that runs the venue. So far, she has not heard back.

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