Cleveland City Council to revamp city gun ordinances

Cleveland City Council to revamp city gun ordinances

A rare moment at today's Cleveland City Council Committee meeting, a sighting of Mayor Frank Jackson. He is hoping to push through his newest plan for firearm regulations in the city.

"This about gun ownership as a responsibility, and how do we prevent those who legally should not, and cannot have guns; how do we prevent them from being in their hands," Jackson told the board.

Half of the pitched legislation merely adopts the state laws already in place. Above that, there are new ordinances providing some Second Amendment debates.

First; if you want to sell your gun to your neighbor, or anyone, and you're not licensed, you must report the sale to the city.

Next; no one can buy more than one gun every 90 days. If your gun is lost or stolen you have 48 hours to report it to police. Anyone who commits a crime with a gun must register with the city, annually, for four years after they are convicted.

In Wednesday's committee meeting, it got heated when at least three council members doubted if this can actually stop gun crime in Cleveland.

"This is telling me that this helps reduce gun violence. If we're not doing that you're wasting my time," Councilman Jeff Johnson told Police Chief Calvin Williams.

"I think the purpose of the ordinance is to make sure that responsible gun owners don't allow people who shouldn't have guns to get those guns," the Chief retorted.

"Why do we think today that somehow, we're going to get the people who are perpetrating the crimes to turn their guns in. or to register? It's a fallacy." Said Councilman Mike Polensek.

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