Akron HS football coach suspended after abuse allegations

Akron HS football coach suspended after abuse allegations
Firestone High School football coach Tim Flossie (Source: Akron Police)
Firestone High School football coach Tim Flossie (Source: Akron Police)

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - An Akron high school football coach has been suspended after being accused of mistreating two players during last week's football game.

Akron Public Schools is investigating a complaint against Firestone High School football coach Tim Flossie, after a parent accused him of verbally abusing a player and slapping another.

"The coach was involved with some sort of verbal altercation with a player that a parent felt was abusive to the player. And then there was a complaint that the player may have slapped another player," said Mark Williamson, spokesperson for Akron Public Schools. "It's the kind of thing where we have to be really careful to make sure someone's perception isn't off as to what he did." 

The alleged incident occurred on Aug. 28 during a game. Williamson says it will take some time for the school district to authenticate the witness statements. 

Flossie has been suspended pending an investigation. School officials say that Coach Billy Adair will replace Flossie during the investigative process. 

Players and coaches have been informed about the incident and the necessary changes.

Principal Kenya Herrington encourages the players to stay positive and focus on a productive school year and good season on the field. Herrington is expected to communicate details to parents and the school's booster club.

Some Firestone parents believe there should be a permanent replacement if the allegations are true.

"If it's an ongoing issue, where it's happening all the time, it probably needs to be addressed and maybe the guy needs to be replaced," said Tim Hershman.

Hershman's daughter is a freshman at Firestone. As a parent, he says the number of complaints about Flossie raises his concern, but he also understands the complexities of coaching an aggressive sport, like football.

"As a coach, I think you should be able to walk the line and have a balance," said Hershman.

Flossie began working with the Akron Public School district as a teacher in 1972. 

In 2011, Flossie was also under investigation for allegedly abusing a player.

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