Browns Friday: Johnny Manziel Transcript

Browns Friday: Johnny Manziel Transcript
Johnny Manziel spoke to media Friday.(Source:WOIO)
Johnny Manziel spoke to media Friday.(Source:WOIO)

Johnny Manziel spoke to media Friday.

On whether he feels more ready this week if called to play against Pittsburgh:

"I think I have to be. I think that's what these coaches ask of me so I've been tuned in all week."

On the comments by Merril Hoge possibly affecting him:

"Everybody is entitled to their opinion. Hoge is entitled to that, you have your opinion (and) everyone around here has their (own) opinion so that's his. I'm sorry he feels that way. He's never met me, I never met him I guess he thinks that I'm not a very good football player."

On turning negative comments into motivation:

"I don't think that I need any more motivation than what is already out there. I'm sure that it adds a little bit of fuel to the fire but as for me, I'm already an extremely motivated person."

On what's he's seen of the Pittsburgh Steelers on film:

"I mean, it's football so you throw a pigskin with laces on it, you go against defenses that are running coverages. But at the same time Pittsburgh, they're doing what they've been doing. Their defense has been doing this for a lot of years with a lot of the same guys. They're extremely talented so, for me coming in, you go in and see some things like 'whoa, that's something I've never saw playing in the (Southeastern Conference) or I never saw – or only saw- a couple of times. I think that they've had a very good defense in years past and that's what they're known for."

On possibly getting in the game on Sunday:

"I think, getting into it, that there's too many 'ifs'. If it happens, I need to be ready. Once again, it's an if."

On his experience going through a week of game preparation in the NFL:

"It's been good. I don't wake up in the morning to walk across campus to get to class and casually go in- and-out of the building to get to class. I'm here all day. You work on your own, you do a lot of things (like) study on your own and it's about being a professional. They expect us – this is our job, this is what we do all day. Just putting in more time in what we need to do to prepare for the games."

On watching and studying more game film:

"It's more, it's definitely more. In college you don't have the hours that you have in here either, you just don't have the time."

On feeling more ready now than he was at the time QB Brian Hoyer was officially named the starter:

"I say, as I'll continue to say as this goes on: every day that progresses, every week that progresses is better for me. I felt throughout this week, I've been really dialed in everything that's going on and making sure – more than anything I think it's given me a chance to sit back from behind and get a chance to really analyze things that go on and really get a chance to slow some things down in my head and see them as the pieces move throughout the defense and offense and that helps."