What caused LeBron's sudden hair growth?

What caused LeBron's sudden hair growth?

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - LeBron James has been the butt of hair jokes for years. It's no secret he's had some issues, but now it looks like the MVP has the last laugh.

At a recent event for his new Nike shoe, LeBron showed off a new fuller look that's got everyone talking.

"He definitely has more hair there's no question, the question is how he got it," said Rob Hoffman, President of the Hairline Clinic in Akron.

He's been in business for over 50 years and says is LeBron is just one of many suffering from a very common problem.

"By 30-years-old, 30 percent of men have lost their hair, by 60, 60 percent are bald," Hoffman said.

Hoffman speculates that if LeBron underwent surgery he had the newest procedure called follicular unit extraction.

"We go in and we take each hair follicle out one at a time," Hoffman said.

The procedure costs $6,000-$7,000 and patients see results after three months.

So, if LeBron did have hair replacement surgery it will replace the hair he lost, but if he begins to lose hair in another place he'll have to get more treatment, because once your hair is gone, it's gone.

"There's some people who go bald and it doesn't bother them but if does don't be afraid to come in," Hoffman said.

Hoffman said while men are too often embarrassed to talk about hair loss, they should know they have plenty of options, and he's seen the impact one treatment can make.

"Your whole world changes, and it's something people shouldn't make fun of," Hoffman said. "People should think twice before they do that"

Hair loss is a personal issue. But Hoffman said if you want options for regrowth, there are plenty, and he's seen results with just a single treatment.

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