CMSD State of the School Address

CMSD State of the School Address
CEO Eric Gordon delivered the State of the Schools address today. (Source: WOIO)
CEO Eric Gordon delivered the State of the Schools address today. (Source: WOIO)

Cleveland Municipal School District CEO Eric Gordon might have the toughest job in Cleveland.

He's had four years to show he can turn around a historic low performing school district. CMSD is still way behind and that's being kind. The district's state report card is littered with F's, D's, and a few C's. They did improve on 15 achievement indicators but fell more behind on seven others.

There are bright spots. They added more than 200 new teachers after the district dumped 42 poor performing teachers and administrators.

Schools now control 70 percent of their budget compared to less than two percent last year.

Another diamond in the rough? 13-year-old Treasure Weaver. She says it's clear this year through changes in her school's administration and a measurable increase in parental involvement, her classroom is improving.

"I think it's a higher grade than that. Even though on the document we got an F, I think our school could be put up to a B or an A," Treasure said.

The district's high school graduation rate is up to a record 64 percent even though the state still gives the district an F in that category.

Eric Gordon doesn't shy away from the dismal state report card. He gets it and realizes the hard work is still ahead. He addressed a packed room of movers and shakers today in Cleveland.  

You have to wonder how many people in the room are willing to roll up their corporate sleeves and help make Gordon's Cleveland plan a success.

CEO Gordon says, "One of the things I am most proud of is our gain in our graduation rate. It's up 12.1 percent since I took over as CEO but it's still far to low. Even there we have to keep working."

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