Nurses from Cleveland, Canton hospitals were aboard flight with Ebola patient

Several employees from MetroHealth and the Cleveland Clinic, mostly nurses, were on a flight from Dallas to Cleveland on October 10, along with Ebola patient Amber Vinson. Vinson was diagnosed with Ebola after returning to Dallas on October 13, flying through Hopkins Airport.

Additionally, Aultman Hospital in Canton said that five nurses were also on the flight from Dallas to Cleveland on October 10.

On Oct. 15, the Cleveland Clinic, The MetroHealth System, and University Hospitals sent out this joint statement:

"Today, we learned that Cleveland Clinic and The MetroHealth System had employees – mostly nurses – aboard the Frontier flight from Dallas to Cleveland on October 10, returning from a nursing conference in Texas. That flight included the Dallas nurse who was diagnosed with Ebola when she returned to Dallas on October 13.

Both health systems have put all of our employees who were on that flight on paid leave while we will monitor their health daily. We are confident that these nurses are at low risk of exposure since we understand that the Dallas nurse did not have symptoms at the time. We have taken this measure as an extra precautionary step for our employees, patients, and visitors.

Cleveland Clinic, The MetroHealth System, and University Hospitals will be working closely together to keep our community safe and to work toward preventing the spread of the Ebola virus."

Aultman Hospital released the following:

Today the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identified that a Texas-based nurse that had recently traveled to Ohio has tested positive for the Ebola virus. We have learned that five (5) Aultman Hospital nurses were on the same flight from Dallas to Cleveland this past Friday, Oct. 10.

At the time our nurses shared the flight with this individual, she exhibited no symptoms of the disease. In fact, she did not exhibit any symptoms until four days later when she returned to Dallas and checked herself into a hospital on Tuesday. For those reasons, we are very optimistic the disease was not transmitted to our staff. However, in an abundance of caution, we have taken the five nurses off duty as we await guidance from the CDC as to when they can return to work.

As a further precaution, we have reviewed the assignments of those five nurses and identified the patients in their direct care. We plan to communicate to those patients.

We have taken these additional precautionary steps in the interest of patient safety and the safety of our health care team.  

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