Danielle's Dog House: Triple the Problems

Danielle's Dog House
Danielle's Dog House

I so hate having to track down people who are accused of doing bad things.

I called a local appliance company months ago about a customer complaint. No one ever got back to me. Since then I've gotten complaint, after complaint, after complaint.

That's what I told Roderick Braxton, The owner of AAA Appliance in Cleveland.

“I found people who say they paid money and never got appliances. They order appliances and get the wrong appliance. They ordered appliances and got stuff that shouldn't even be in people's homes,” Consumer Investigator Danielle Serino said.

The guy we confronted at AAA appliance says he just helps the owner run the place. It's why we blurred his face in out.

But you know who else we blurred? An AAA customer who says she was scared of retaliation.
"He's not trustworthy," she says.
She paid $150 for a stove and extra for a speedy delivery.
But after calling and writing AAA when the promised delivery date passed, she told them she just wanted her money back.

"He told me well, you will not get your money back. I said well I will take you to court. He said well take me to court. You still won't get nothing from me," she told us.
That was two years ago. We were smelling a doghouse here.
"When you call you can't leave a message. You don't get anybody on the phone. You basically have to do a call back for your telephone number. So I waited for them to call me back. I never got a response," says customer Vietta Perry.
Vietta is one of the few AAA customers who agreed to appear on camera despite her experience.

"When I talked to the owner he told me that he had five million different customers and I'm the only b****," she said.
Vietta Perry paid for several appliances, like a refrigerator to replace her old one, that she says she's been waiting on for 7 months.
"My kids had to go out the back door to the garage to bring food in the house," she says.
There was a dryer and three washing machines that she had problems with.

"It's horrible for my kids. They were still in school. We had to wash our clothes out by hand and hang them," she claims.
And after receiving a second washer that failed to work, AAA replaced it, however it wasn't what she paid for. 
"This washing machine to me looks like it was built the same year I was born. I don't think anybody in 2014 would go to the store and purchase that washing machine."
The worst though was a stove, that injured her grandson, because she says it came with after-market parts.

"These are not the eyes that belong to the stove which is what enabled the pot to fall off the stove and my grandson got burned. It's horrible. It's horrible for somebody to have to live with it. And still now I have to wonder every day when is it going to happen again. So I constantly have the gates up and stuff, the kids can't even come through the kitchen while I'm cooking because I don't know what's going to happen next," she says.
These two customers aren't the only ones who've had problems with AAA appliances. The company has an 'F' rating from the Better Business Bureau for not responding to complaints.
"Give us our money back and take him out of business," said the customer who did not want to be identified.
When we finally tracked down the owner by phone, Braxton said most of the people didn't understand the sales agreement they signed. He admitted he had some delivery issues during refund tax season, and AAA was overwhelmed with orders. He said he was working to get the complaints resolved.
Although many of the complaints we found were not during tax season.
So until we see a substantial improvement in the number of customer complaints, AAA appliance is in my Doghouse.  It's a place you don't want to be.

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