Stay with 19 Action News for Continuing Coverage on Ebola Scare, Cold Weekend, Spider Trapped Under Skin, Like Us on Facebook, Follow Us on Twitter

Stay with 19 Action News for Continuing Coverage on Ebola Scare, Cold Weekend, Spider Trapped Under Skin, Like Us on Facebook, Follow Us on Twitter

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Health experts are aware that many people have anxiety about Ebola. But, there should be no reason for concern, according to MetroHealth's expert on Infectious Diseases.
 Dr. Jennifer Hanrahan answered reporter's questions Thursday morning. Hanrahan said she wants to separate fact from fiction, just one day after the hospital decided to put several of its nurses on paid leave after learning they had been on the same flight from Dallas to Cleveland as Amber Vinson. "It was out of an abundance of caution. It was not because there was any potential risk to anyone," said Dr. Hanrahan.
A local babysitter, who we are not naming, has also decided to be cautious. The woman was on the same plane that Vinson was on the day after the healthcare worker took a flight from Dallas to our area.
She contacted the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and her pediatrician and chose to no longer care for several kids for a 21 day quarantine period.
"I think there's some over reaction but we are taking steps to decrease people's fears. It's not just being in the room with someone, and it's not even being relatively close to that person, it really has to be body fluids," explained Hanrahan.

FRIDAY:A few sprinkles to start but mainly partly sunny afternoon.  HIGH: 67

FRIDAY NIGHT: Showers and clouds. LOW: 50

SATURDAY: Windy, lake effect showers, hit or miss and mostly cloudy. HIGH: 54

SATURDAY NIGHT: Mainly clear and frosty. LOW: 39

 Partly sunny and cold! HIGH: 50

PERTH, AUSTRALIA (SEVEN NETWORK AUSTRALIA/CNN) - A man in Australia has been dubbed Spiderman after a bizarre turn of events during a trip to Bali. The man has what may look like a gruesome scar, but it's actually the trail left by a spider that burrowed under Dylan Maxwell's skin. Maxwell was visiting Indonesia when he noticed what he thought was a scratch about an inch-long. He went to a doctor who told him it was a small insect bite, but the trail kept growing up toward his chest."A very searing, hot searing burning sensation. It was like nothing I've ever felt before," Maxwell said. When it started to blister he says he got worried. Doctors realized that the spider crawled into Maxwell's belly button through a fresh scar from a recent appendix operation. Doctors were able to pull out the spider.

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Julia Tullos, WOIO Assignment Manager