Why the holidays are so stressful

Why the holidays are so stressful

It's supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. The holiday season is a reason to celebrate, so why do so many people feel stressed?

"You have to go shopping and you're trying to beat the lines," said Kathy Griffin, busy finishing her Thanksgiving shopping.

In a survey conducted by CBS News Americans said the top three things that stress them out during the holidays are Family, Shopping for the perfect gifts and Time management.

Dr. Ellen Casper, a psychologist, has seen the holiday stress and anxiety first hand  with her patients.

"Instead of this time of year being one to create pleasure individuals end up feeling sad and unhappy," Dr. Casper said. "They're rushing around they're trying to get too much done, they're spending too much money."

Holidays are often the time when families come together but family is what makes some people the most uncomfortable.

"You're scrunched in with a bunch of people who may or may not have conflicting views but you still have to live with them," said Michael Shur, who is planning to return home to New York for the holiday.

Dr. Casper says the best way to relieve holiday stressors are to avoid them.

"Get perspective, keep expectations realistic, manage your time effectively," Dr. Casper said. He added it's important to try and relax. "Enjoy the time of year because it's a beautiful season even in Cleveland, Ohio."

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