Walking vs Running: Study finds running keeps you young

Walking vs Running: Study finds running keeps you young

The December chill at Edgewater Park doesn't keep Sharon Sato and her husband from walking here twice a week.

"You need to keep moving, but I haven't found an exercise regime yet so walking is good," said Sato.

Walking is good exercise, but not as good as running, according to researchers. A

by the


found that running may reverse aging in ways that walking doesn't.

In the study, scientists took 30 men and women, and asked half of them to run and the other half to walk. The results were impressive. 

The group that ran three times a week walked more efficiently and used less energy than the other half that walked. Scientists even found that 70 year old runners could walk just as well as a typical college student.

And the good news is that if you're not a runner it's never too late to start!

Scientists found even people who started running in their 60s reaped the health benefits. This is also good news for Sato who after hearing about the study says she's working on adding a daily run to her routine. 

"Yea I gotta work into it," said Sato.

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