Report cards for police officer involved in deadly shooting of 12-year-old

Report cards for police officer involved in deadly shooting of 12-year-old

We've obtained records telling us what we haven't heard about Cleveland Police officer Timothy Loehmann, the rookie officer involved in the shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice.

Rice died after getting shot last month by police outside the Cudell Rec Center while holding an airsoft-style BB gun that looked like a semi-automatic pistol.

We requested officer Loehmann's police force report cards. They show how bosses graded him in his first months on the streets with a Field Training Officer and others.

In Loehmann's most recent week on the job we saw daily reports with box after box checked “meets expectations.” We saw “unobserved” marked by categories such as “evidence procedures” or “non-emergency driving.”

We've shown you Timothy Loehmann resigned as a rookie for Independence Police. A boss there wrote he had an emotional breakdown at a gun range and more. But here, supervisors wrote “progressing well," and he is “personable and courteous.”

In periodic evaluations, Loehmann scored well above the minimum for things like tactics and procedures.

The officer shot Tamir Rice in a confrontation that lasted two seconds or less. Police say the boy reached for that gun. We found Loehmann had even been evaluated that day. The category for arrest procedures was marked “unobserved.” For knowledge of

policies, we saw “meets expectations.”

Officer Loehmann had progressed through several phases of street training, nearing the end of it.

Instructors say they saw no sign of uncertainty or shakiness as an officer.

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