Last minute holiday shopping

Super Saturday holiday shopping

WESTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - With five days until Christmas you could call this last minute shopping but some shoppers at Crocker Park would disagree.

"This is early for me," said one shopper laughing. "We just bought some great sweaters and some jewelry."

Of course, the holiday season is the time when shoppers scramble for the perfect gift, Kimberly Ford teaches her kids it's about more than just presents. "I teach them it's better to give than to receive," said Ford.

The big man in red was also very popular at Crocker Park today. Many children were eager to share with him what was on their Christmas lists.

"I want an iPad Mini and some Solo Beats," said one little boy.

And while parents rushed to scratch everything off the list for the kids, there was still some time to sit and enjoy the spirit of the holiday and make memories for those to come.

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