Say Cheese: Ways to brighten your smile for 2015

Say Cheese: Ways to brighten your smile for 2015

BEACHWOOD, OH (WOIO) - For many people a new year means working on a new you, and that includes a better and brighter smile.

Dentist Dr. Harvey Silverman has been practicing for about 35 years and he recommends a revolutionary system called EasySmileLifeLike Veneers. It's an alternative to porcelain veneers.

"8 out of 10 of my patients come in and they're looking to change one or two teeth," said Dr. Silverman .

Silverman is the creator of EasySmile LifeLike Veneers, which he says is an innovative, noninvasive method of achieving better smiles. The system gives a natural appearance by combining the right mix of translucency while masking flaws.

"It's a custom made veneer made to your teeth--it's not a one size, fits all type of veneer system. It's noninvasive, it's preserving your natural tooth," said Silverman.

Patients can also see exactly what their teeth will look like before they agree to purchase at a price that' Silverman said is 75 percent less expensive than porcelain veneers.

"You could pay several thousand dollars or more to have porcelain veneers made. That's not very affordable. With EasySmile LifeLike Veneers you would typically only pay several hundred dollars since there is no lab bill, it's done in one visit and it only takes minutes to do which makes it very affordable," he said.

If the thought of visiting a dentist makes you cringe, there are over the counter products that can help you brighten your smile.

"Use a peroxide based tooth whitener," advised Silverman, who said that the more concentrated a product is, the faster it works.

Another cost effective method for whitening teeth is brushing them with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

"Brush your teeth for two minutes and brush gently and you will remove superficial stains that way as well," said Silverman. ?

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