Flu grows deadlier in northeast Ohio

Flu grows deadlier in northeast Ohio


reports eight deaths from the flu during the first week of January 2015.

That's combined with its previous report weeks earlier in which another eight people died from the virus.

Health Board employee Richard Stacklin has been tracking the numbers so far this season.

"That makes 16 Flu related deaths so far this season," says Stacklin.
Emergency rooms at local hospitals receive new flu cases every day. Dr. Edmundo Mandac at University Hospitals estimates his facility takes in as many as 12 new cases every 24 hours.
''The C.D.C. considers it as basically an epidemic," says Dr. Mandac.

More than 1,000 flu cases have come into local hospitals since the end of last year.

That's the highest number since 2009.

Part of the problem is people have not been getting flu shots.  Another problem is scientists had a difficult time predicting and manufacturing an effective vaccine.

When it comes to protection outside of a flu shot, experts recommend a return to the basics: wash your hands often, cover your mouth when coughing, and try not to touch door handles with your bare hands.

And it is still not too late to get a shot, considering the flu season is predicted to see another spike in the coming weeks.

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