Victim's best friend testifies about witnessing his murder

Victim's best friend testifies about witnessing his murder

Judge Michael Astrab again took

that the high profile murder trial of Julius Webster comes off without a hitch.

At the start of testimony he warned jurors about talking about the case or listening to others talk. He even went so far as offering jurors escorts to their cars each day for safety. All this comes on the heels of jurors being escorted by SWAT on a jury view of the scene where Curtis Marks was murdered.

The fear is for retaliation by members of the Heartless Felons, the gang suspect Julius Webster is accused of leading.
The day began with a Cleveland Police evidence technician testifying about the collection of DNA, a bullet casing and other evidence.  More than 100 photos were shown to the jury.

Next, Demetrius Thomas took the stand. He is the best friend of victim Curtis Marks and was with him when he was shot across the street from the Club Fly High on Superior.

Thomas said they left the bar and went across the street to talk, sitting side-by-side on two concrete barriers. That is when two men approached them.

"He turned, grabbed him, then he put the gun in his side," said Thomas.

He demonstrated for prosecutors how the men demanded money and said they'd count to three or else. Curtis laughed and said he had no money and shots rang out.

As a 911 call was played, Demetrius Thomas recognized his own voice in the background.

"I was talking to him trying to keep him awake. He was just gasping for air."

It is a trial that is expected to last at least two weeks amid all the security, along with threats that the Heartless Felons will retaliate against people who testify against Webster.

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