FBI now recruiting for its Cyber Squad

FBI now recruiting for its Cyber Squad

Think you've got "cyber skills?"  You could put them to use at the FBI.

In an effort to prevent and investigate the most sophisticated computer threats around the globe, the FBI is seeking out the best of the best to wear the badge.

"The urgency is such that we really can't keep pace with the demand," said Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Jeff Tricoli.

The FBI is now recruiting Special Agents and support staff for their Cyber Squad. They'll work to combat fraud, global terror threats, and
protect the nation's cyber infrastructure.

Actors working on behalf of nation states, the people who are involved in so-called hacktivist "Anonymous" type groups and criminal networks that are working to steal from banks are all targets of this unit.

Special Agent in Charge, Jeff Tricoli, says given that almost every crime they investigate has a "cyber" element, there is no limit to how
many people they'll hire.

"We are looking for as many as we can get our hands on with this type of background because it's just such a difficult skill set to find. It's
just so hard to attract these types of individuals because it's such a new skill set, the computer cyber skill set, but also the security component of that," said Tricoli.

Tricoli says they're competing with big corporations in the private sector who also value computer security experts, so they're hoping to
appeal to people's patriotic duty and desire to have a significant impact.

"The investigations that the FBI is involved with are the largest scale investigations. So you are going to be involved in the biggest of
the big," he said.

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