Report: Money, not marriage makes better parents

Report: Money, not marriage makes better parents

A new study says that having money matters more than being married when it comes to good parenting.

The study by the Council on Contemporary Families found that single, married or divorced American parents all strive to raise healthy, polite and well educated children. But the amount of parental success depended on the family income.

Researchers say some families are really resource-poor, and that led to bigger differences in parenting.

Sandra Hofferth is a professor of family science at the University of Maryland School of Public Health. She authored the study.

Hofferth says, as an example, that single mothers are less likely to drive their children to extracurricular activities because they have fewer resources, not because they are single parents.

Hofferth says the bottom line is that parents, whether single or married, might be better parents with improved programs to alleviate poverty, rather than programs that promote changes to family structure.

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