Activists Take To East Side Streets

Activists Take To East Side Streets

Local activist groups The Black Man's Army and Black on Black Crime took to the streets of the Outhwaite Estates on Cleveland's east side Wednesday.

"If you can't stand for your women and children what can you stand for,"  they chanted as they looked for a man responsible for a reprehensible series of crimes.

The activists urged people to come outside and provide information regarding a man Cleveland Police are looking for.

A surveillance photo shows the man, riding a black bicycle with silver rims. He's 5'1", stocky and wears a hoodie with a black mask.

Police say in recent months the man has approached three women in the neighborhood and forced them at gunpoint into their homes. The suspect robs them, forces them to take their clothes off and in at least one case made the victim touch herself in a sexual manner.

Alfred Porter Jr., the communications director for The Black Man's Army told us, "We're appalled because somebody chose to act like a savage, to be a predator, to prey on women."

They went door to door asking people if they had seen or heard anything, and their message was simple,

"Let's find this man, let's get him off the streets."

Police say the suspect was on the bike in all three attacks and that somebody had to notice him.

Porter added, "It's all right to step out, it's all right to say something, it's all right for men to get together, post up, stand together and look for this individual together."

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