Life Saving Rescue: Good Samaritan pulls driver from burning car

Life Saving Rescue: Good Samaritan pulls driver from burning car
He doesn't accept the "hero" title. (Source: WOIO)
He doesn't accept the "hero" title. (Source: WOIO)

After a car became engulfed in flames on the Shoreway Wednesday morning, a Good Samaritan pulled the driver to safety.

Tom Metzner works at University Hospitals. He was on the Shoreway driving with his wife to work around 7 a.m. when he saw two cars that had been in a terrible accident. In one of them, he spotted a woman stuck in her car, so he went to help.

"As I was just coming past it, I looked again and I noticed something moving in the car. It wasn't head level. It was down below the wheel, below the windows," explained Metzner.

He also noticed flames underneath the front of the car.

"I just equated, fire, gasoline, person in the car. I didn't want to be responsible for something like that," he said.

So Metzner pulled over to the side of the Shoreway next to Edgewater Park and ran over to the car. Inside, a young woman was slumped over in the front seat.

"She was kind of in a shocked state, wasn't real coherent, leaning to her side," said Metzner.

Metzner said the car door was jammed.

Another driver stopped and helped him pull the woman out of the car. They waited with her until an ambulance arrived.

"I don't think of it as being a hero or anything like that. I was just reacting to a situation," said Metzner.

Metzner ran back to the woman's car and got her purse and cell phone for her. 

With the good deed done, he continued his drive to work.

When not removing people from burning cars, UH says Metzner volunteers on mission trips to Guatemala and assists with fundraisers for UH Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital

The woman is recovering and doing well.

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