Norris Cole on LeBron: "He's revved it up" (Video)

Norris Cole on LeBron James

Miami Heat guard and former Cleveland State Viking Norris Cole spoke to media on Wednesday.

The former Viking was asked if he is keeping tabs on his former team, " Yes, I've been keeping up, hopefully they keep it going. I talk to the coaching staff and coach Waters on a regular basis so I see what's going on, plus I got a ticker on my phone that let's me know how they're doing."

Cole was asked how much of a difference he sees in LeBron now compared to his time in Miami, " Same person, as a player he's revved it up a bit."

Cole played at Cleveland State from 2007-11, he was drafted by the Chicago Bulls in the first round, but would be traded to Miami that night.

The Cavaliers will take on Cole and the Heat tonight at The Q.

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