Couples finding a new way to celebrate Valentine's Day

Couples finding a new way to celebrate Valentine's Day

A hot yoga class may be just the thing to steam things up this Valentine's Day.

At Inner Bliss Yoga in Rocky River yogis find their inner peace through movement and meditation.

Couples can use yoga as a way to connect.

"I think it's really nice to do something together to feel healthy, to feel supported," says Kimberly Payne.

Payne is going solo Wednesday, but she says she got her husband hooked several years ago.

Now they take classes together.

"This just adds a new dimension to a relationship, because you're working on yourself but you're also sharing that with your significant other," explains Payne.

Yoga instructor Kristen Zarzycki says doing yoga with your loved one can also be a real lesson in patience.

"So you're not really talking to each other, but, you're sharing the same space and practicing together without words," says Zarzycki.

According to Cleveland Clinic's Judi Bar, couples yoga offers twice the health benefits compared to doing it alone.

The registered yoga teacher agrees that it increases intimacy and communication.

"Their body weight can add some weight to us as we're bending over to help us get deeper into a stretch," says Bar.

Helping to loosen tight muscles, oxygenate blood, and release endorphins, the balance your partner provides allows you both to hold stretches longer and reach a little farther.

It also burns a lot of calories.

Payne says couples yoga has taken her relationship to a whole new level.

"My husband and I ended up going on yoga retreats together, something I never ever expected us to do," says Payne.

Many couples love doing yoga together so much that hey make a date night out of it, taking a class, then going out to dinner.

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