Help your car help you through the cold SLAP!

Help your car help you through the cold SLAP!
Get your battery charged (Source: WOIO)
Get your battery charged (Source: WOIO)
Wipers are a necessity (Source: WOIO)
Wipers are a necessity (Source: WOIO)

With temperatures not just hovering but stuck below freezing, we're all struggling to keep moving.

Your car may struggle even more.

At O'Reilly Auto Parts on Clark Avenue in Cleveland there's been a steady stream of customers coming in to look for the things that will keep their wheels turning.

"The last few weeks, today as well, we've had wipers. We've had washer fluid, batteries," said George Rubio.

Now is the time to get prepared for a cold snap that will feel more like a slap that stings for a long time. Many are investing in windshield wipers that are specially made for ice.

"They are more durable than other wiper blades," added Rubio.

Windshield wiper fluid is important too.

But there are three things you need to do right now to help your car get through the deep freeze:

1. Make sure you have enough antifreeze (so you'll have heat)

2. Have at least a half tank of gas (so any condensation in your tank doesn't freeze)

3. Have your car battery checked (many places will do that for free)

Once you've checked everything off that list, you can consider what so many are investing in because they're tired of being cold: a remote starter.

Ziebart's in Middleburg Heights is selling more remote starters than ever before.

"Once you've had a car with one, you probably will never drive a car without it in this climate," said owner and manager Karl Zierow, "Remote car starters will start your car from inside your house, your business anywhere from 1,000 feet to a mile depending on your needs."

The remote starter will set you back at least $300, but based on the winter we're having you'll have plenty of time to get your money's worth.

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