Green implements alternative snow and ice removal plan

Green implements alternative snow and ice removal plan


began implementing its alternative snow and ice removal plan this past weekend, as its salt supply dwindles.

"One strong event and we would be done. We wouldn't have anything left in our shed," said Paul Oberdorfer, director of public service for the city of Green.

A shed that should be half full sits nearly empty, even with a delivery just made on Monday. Oberdorfer says the entire region is in short supply.

"Five loads delivered. That's over 125 tons. That would be gone in one shift, six hours," said Oberdorfer. "We are anticipating a delivery of 800 tons of salt this week, about half of the amount order, which was placed in mid-January."

The city uses ClearLane green road salt, which is mixed with calcium chloride. This works in below 5 temperatures and uses less than regular salt. But the city is almost out of that, too.

To ensure the city does not run out of salt in the meantime, it has implemented the alternative snow and ice removal plan that calls for salt to be spread only at intersections, plus on hills and curves. Over the weekend, when approximately 5-6 inches of snow fell, roads remained snow covered throughout most of the city, as salt was rationed.

"It is not an ideal situation when we can only plow and not add salt," said Oberdorfer. "But our crews did a great job keeping all the roads plowed. On Sunday, we received a little help from Mother Nature, and by Sunday night, most of roads in Green were simply wet and some dry."

Until the city is ensured a steady supply of salt, the alternative snow and ice plan will be in place.

"It's a balancing act to ensure we never run out of salt, and until we are confident we have the ability to get a steady supply, we need to conserve," explained Oberdorfer.

Green is part of the Community University Education Purchasing Association Consortium, a buying group of municipalities and government agencies to purchase its salt.

Riad Sammour owns a drive-thru in Green. He says the city has always done a good job with the streets and he will just have to weather the next storm without salt if he must.

"Small business owners, like me, would have to take it upon myself to get my own salt and take care of my stuff my own way. We would have to. I can't really depend on the city for everything," said Sammour.

The city of Green has 14 snow plows to clear its 385 lane miles of roadway. The city is also responsible for clearing all the snow up to the front door of the Akron-Canton Airport.

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