Man follows elderly Westlake woman home, then robs her

Man follows elderly Westlake woman home, then robs her

WESTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - A 73-year-old woman is still shaken up after a criminal followed her to her Westlake home after a shopping trip at

in Rocky River.

The woman asked us not to use her name because she's so afraid by what happened to her in her own home.

"I'm terrified. I've never been afraid in this house, but now I'm afraid," she said.

Police say 53-year-old Clinton Harrill Junior planted himself in the Marc's parking lot and is seen on surveillance video scoping out the place looking for a victim. He takes off and follows the elderly woman home, then surprises her in her garage.

"I must have started yelling for help. I don't remember. He grabbed my head and he told me, 'Shut up [expletive]! Shut up!' And he grabbed my purse and took off!"

Harrill only got away with $8 and two credit cards.

Police say they ran his license plate from the Marc's video and tracked him down. Turns out, Harrill is a career criminal with a lengthy rap sheet that includes robbery and kidnapping.

When police caught up with him, they immediately noticed he had a Bible propped up in the rear window. 

"I'm hypothesizing that he thought that would give him some immunity from police officers stopping him, because they might perceive him as a God-fearing man. Maybe he oughta open up that Bible and read it once in awhile," said Captain Guy Turner, of the Westlake Police Department.

Harrill is now charged with robbery and aggravated burglary.

"I can still see his face. I can still see him. I'm so afraid he will come back," adds the woman.

Harrill is being held in the county jail downtown on a $50,000 bond.   

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