Cavs working on plan to improve The Q

Cavs working on plan to improve The Q

is now more than 20 years old and the

are ready to renovate and expand their home.

But who's going to pay?

A team rep tells 19 Action News they haven't submitted any sort of proposal, and they aren't in negotiations yet. But a team statement says they are immersed in ongoing conversation with the city and county about how to improve the Q. Millions of taxpayer dollars are at stake.

Quicken Loans Arena has been the source of a lot of excitement this season, and the source of a lot of revenue for surrounding businesses. But for decades all maintenance and improvements have come out of the team's pocket, adding up to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Now the Cavs are gearing up for major updates to the Q, that would change the footprint and physical profile of the arena.

Team rep, Tad Carper says the sin tax extension wasn't intended for this, and they'll respect that. He says they're currently in discussion with the city and county about how best to continue the public/private partnership. Carper says the updates will help lure in economic impact through major events and are necessary to stay competitive for high profile bookings.     

He says updates like the HD video network, paid for by the current sin tax, helped land the RNC. 

19 Action News Facebook fans were quick to respond to the idea. Most thought tax payer dollars could and should be spent elsewhere.

"In a city that has trouble keeping up with the snow removal trucks, potholes etc, no way," said Andrew Hudak

But some see the value in the investment.

Another fan says "Expanding opens the door for more revenue like maybe an all-star weekend, final four etc."
The team says the city and county have both been open minded about using public dollars, and want to learn about what the needs are and the benefits of updating the Q.

The county didn't return messages on Friday.

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