Cash for cell phone scam

Cash for cell phone scam
Some apps are dangerous. They are not what they appear to be on the surface.

(WOIO) - Every few months, electronics companies update their technology, which leaves many people looking to sell their old phones and computers. But one online company offering a huge amount of money for your stuff, isn't coming close to honoring the price.

If you've dealt with a company that goes by names like, "Cash for iPhone," "Cash for Computers," and "Laptop and Desktop Repair," you've probably received a "this number has been disconnected" message when you try to reach them. Online though, they definitely want to make a connection.

"They provide a high quote that entices people, and what people get is a very small amount," says Tim Johnston, of the


Some of the quotes they advertise for various phones are $263, $303 even $573. But customers have been calling the BBB complaining that they typically give you less than 15 percent of that.

"As of today, more than 1,600 complaints and that's been over the last 12 months," says Johnston.

The business is run out of an industrial area in Sparks, AZ.

When a colleague from our sister station went there to ask about the complaints, she was asked to leave and told someone would get back to her. But that never happened.

The fine print in their contract gives you three days to get your phone back. But...

"If they want their phone back, they're generally told that it's already been recycled," says Johnston.

Complaints are coming in from across the country. So many, in fact, that the office of the Nevada Attorney General is investigating the company.

Johnston says, "If you look up our business review on 'Laptop and Desktop Repair' right now, you'd see they have an 'F' rating. Why? Because they have so many complaints filed against them and so many issues they haven't addressed."

You need to research who you're dealing with, and read the fine print before you make any deal.

You can do that by checking with the following: