Police departments increase presence on St. Patrick's Day

Police departments increase presence on St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day brings in hundreds of thousands of people to downtown Cleveland. The Cuyahoga County Safe Communities Coalition and the DUI task force want to make sure the experience is a safe one.

Police departments across Cuyahoga County will have an increased presence today in an effort to keep drunk drivers off Northeast Ohio roads and protect motorists.

Here are a few simple suggestions for a fun, festive and safe day.

· Designate a sober driver

· Take public transportation

· Call a cab

· Stay where you play – plan to spend the night

· Take the keys if someone is impaired and plans to drive

· Don't ever get in the car with an impaired driver

In addition to the danger drunk driving puts on public safety, there is also a large financial risk. A DUI conviction in Ohio can run close to $10,000, including the fines, fees, and increased insurance rates. That's far more expensive than any cab ride or bus fare.

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