Student works to end classmate hunger over spring break

Student works to end classmate hunger over spring break
Student collects food for hungry classmates (Source: WOIO)
Student collects food for hungry classmates (Source: WOIO)

MENTOR, OH (WOIO) - The only food some children eat in a day is at school because their families are facing tough economic situations.

Those same kids might miss meals when school is out for spring break.

That's why one Mentor student is working to change that.

13-year-old Josh Amspaugh of Mentor read Michael Oher's book "I Beat the Odds" for English class. That's the book that became the popular movie "The Blind Side."

In it, Oher explains that the only times he ate were breakfast and lunch at school. So on one snowy day, Josh asked his mother how kids eat.

"She said they go without eating. So over spring break I realized they wouldn't be eating anything," said Josh.

That started a campaign that Josh and his entire family didn't see coming. For the past three weeks, they wanted to raise money and food to make bags of food.

"One box of cereal, one box of graham crackers, one box of tuna, five boxes of macaroni," Josh rattles off the ingredients while filling one of several bags that now fill his parents' living room.

With an initial goal of 40 bags with five days worth of lunches, the response was so overwhelming by students, corporate partners and community members that each bag has enough for not only lunches, but breakfasts and some dinners.

"I felt very good. I didn't even think it would take off," explained Josh. "When I saw it actually come together it made me feel very good."

The bags will be delivered to Shore Middle School and administrators will hand them out. Because the bags will go to families in need, Josh will never know who gets them, but that doesn't seem to matter.

"If I was one of those kids I wouldn't want people to know so it's completely fine with me," Josh said.

Josh and his family have collected all they need for their bags. If you want to help, they are encouraging people to donate to "End 68 Hours of Hunger."

It is an organization that tries to feed kids in the gap between school lunch on Friday to school breakfast Monday morning.

Click to learn more about End 68 Hours of Hunger.

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