Danielle's Doghouse: The Casket Store

Danielle's Doghouse: The Casket Store

PARMA, OH (WOIO) - A couple of years ago Danielle Serino reported a story about The Casket Store in Cleveland. The story was about people paying for headstones and not getting them.

A franchise located in Parma agreed to take care of those issues. But now that Parma location is having the same problems.

It's why they're in Danielle's Doghouse.

Danielle reached out to The Casket Store in Parma three times before showing up at the store.

"I apologize I have not gotten back to you. I am so sorry," said owner Karen Hayes.

19 Action News went to the store to help Mary Nix who had lost her mother Viola in December 2013, and bought a headstone there.

"They were extremely nice when I went in there. She was very supportive and comforting about the fact that my mom had died," said Mary.

But that kindness was short lived. After Mary paid $539 for a headstone, more than a year later, it had not arrived.

"We have family coming. My mom's brother is coming. I just want there to be a stone for him to be able to go and pay his tribute to my mom," said Mary.

After months of calling The Casket Store, Mary said she got nothing but empty promises on when the headstone would arrive.

"I asked for either my money back or the headstone, and I haven't heard from them," she said.

There are a number of consumers in our area with similar problems: seven complaints since 2010 with the Attorney General, ten complaints since 2012 with the Better Business Bureau.

We also checked the Casket Store's Facebook page and found more of the same: complaints from people waiting, sometimes up to a year for their headstones to be delivered.

That's when we decided to go in.

"What are we going to do here?" Danielle Serino asked.

"I will call my stone guy right and make sure the stone is done and taken out to the cemetery to her," said Hayes.

Hayes said she switched distributors because of the economy to save people money, and they ended up having some "hiccups."

Mary said she's held her breath long enough to cure these "hiccups," and just wants to put this problem and her mother to rest.

"I trusted them. It has become apparent that I shouldn't have trusted them," she said.

The Casket Store owner promised the problem would be taken care of within a week and she did.

Mary says she put flowers in front of her mother's headstone last weekend.

Click here if you would like to file a consumer complain with the Better Business Bureau.

Click here if you need to reach out to the Ohio Attorney General.

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