Brain Training: Eyeglasses help improve 'focus'

Brain Training: Eyeglasses help improve 'focus'

(WOIO) - With all the technology around, it's easy to get distracted. But there is help. New eyewear has been developed to help people stay "focused."

"You have your phone next to you. You have the computer. You have chat windows," explains Spencer Roth.

He says all the technology of today's world distracts him while he's working. So he's trying special glasses that are supposed to help improve his focus.

"It's helping me train my brain so focusing becomes more natural and more instinct, rather than what I'm supposed to do," says Roth.

This new brain training device is called

and was created using programs developed by NASA.

Mother and son developers, Lindsay and Devon Greco, say the glasses read brain activity. When you are fully concentrating, the lenses become lighter. The company says by working to keep the glasses clear, users train their brain to focus.

"You are getting constant feedback on what your brain is doing and very gently, it's subtly changing the intensity of what you see," says Devon Greco.

There are other brain monitoring devices on the market that incorporate mediation. There are also brain games that can improve focus.

But neuroscience expert Heather Berlin believes there are cheaper ways to do it. She suggests a simple change in routine and even exercise can improve focus.

"Changing your environment or learning something new can lead to neuroplasticity, forming new connections, and that's very healthy for the brain," she says.

Roth says the glasses make a difference.

"I'll be working on something, I'll notice that the glasses have been clear for a really long period of time. It's really reassuring," says Roth.

The Narbis glasses cost about $300.

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