EarthFest celebrates the Year of Clean Water

EarthFest celebrates the Year of Clean Water

From mulch to rain barrels, there are constant reminders that there are simple things everyone can do to be more earth friendly. This year Earthfest 2015 highlighted some of the most practical ways to help preserve the environment and Lake Erie.

Linda Zolten-Woods of the Painted Rain Barrel Project will spend her summer helping people learn how to use rain barrels and have fun by including their kids to paint them. The water collected can be used around the house. "It's safe to wash your car with. There's no chlorine in it, so it's safe to water plants with," added Woods.

Even the rides at Earthfest highlighted conservation, running on biodiesel fuel or French fry oil.

Just feet away from the rides, grass was being trimmed by sheep being herded by a Border Collie.

"They can take feeder lambs that are weighing 50 to 60 pounds that have just been weened and manage them for the season," said Laura DeYoung of the non profit Urban Shepherds.

Preserving our natural resources is crucial, especially when it comes to Lake Erie. Other parts of the country would love to have a piece of this freshwater pond.

"Their water rates are skyrocketing. We need to appreciate that we do have an abundance of water in the Great Lakes and do everything we can do to protect it," said Jeannie Chapman of the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District.

Even picking up after your dog may be one of the most important things you can do to keep our great water supply clean.

"When it rains, anything that's on the ground whether it's dog poop, cigarette butts, fertilizer that all runs off into our local waterways, and that ends up making it's way into Lake Erie, " added Chapman.

Earthfest 2015 itself was a landfill free event. All the waste produced was said to be recycled, with nothing at all going to the landfill.

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