Cooler Than Cooler/Sweepstakes Scams/Ohio Principal Fired

Cooler Than Cooler/Sweepstakes Scams/Ohio Principal Fired


scattered light rain showers—but CHILLY COLD! More steady rain to our south. Like wind chill cold! Partly sunny and windy as well.


yes, scattered rain and uber cold means we could see snowflake! Gulp… blame Jeff.  LOW: 32


Partly sunny windy and cold…you know the drill by now…with a few showers. High: 50

Con artists specifically target those they know may be more vulnerable to

not just in Ohio, but all over the country.

That's how one elderly veteran from Texas, a man who risked his life for our country, got taken for all his money.

"They got me real good. I thought I was smarter than that," says Edgar Wollam.

Wollam ran a popular restaurant for decades and had prepared for his retirement.

But thieves running a lottery sweepstakes scam literally took it all.

It started when he got a call saying he won $3.5 million. All he had to do was pay the fees.

"They start at a relatively low suM, maybe $300-$400. Then they keep going up and before you know it - you're in the thousands," says Edgar.

They lured him along, telling him he had also won a Mercedes Benz.

They try to convince you they are your friends and want to make sure you get your money.

U.S. Postal Inspector Christopher Carillo says these thieves work together.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - The Columbus Board of Education has

who altered grades at a city high school.

The Columbus Dispatch reports (

) that the district fired Pamela Diggs Tuesday. Officials say she changed 186 grades at Marion-Franklin High School during the 2010-2011 school year and more than 31,000 absences were deleted from the school that year.

The school board voted to fire Diggs last year, but she had a right to an administrative hearing. A hearing examiner said last month that her role in district data manipulation was "dramatically wrong."

Diggs didn't attend Tuesday's meeting, but has said she felt she did nothing wrong because she did what she was trained to do.

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Julia Tullos
Assignment Manager