Moms On The Move: Driving Tips from AAA

Moms On The Move: Driving Tips from AAA

"How To Drive On Slippery/Wet Roads"

· Drive distraction free. Looking away from the road for even two seconds doubles your chance of a crash

· Avoiding using cruise control allows you to respond instantly when you take your foot off the gas

· Do not tailgate. Normal following distances should be increased significantly (8-10 seconds) when driving on wet roads.

· Drive on the clearest lane. When on a four lane highway, drive in the lane that has the least amount of buildup.

· Know when to brake and when to steer. When traveling over 25 MPH, AAA recommends steering over braking, as less distance is required to steer around an object than to brake to a stop. In slick conditions, sudden braking can lead to loss of vehicle control

· Always look 20-30 seconds ahead so that you can plan your stops

· Avoid slamming on the brakes, as this will further upset the vehicle's balance and make it harder to control.

"Pothole Tips"

The Spring-like weather has been pleasant, but it does come at a cost. As the snow melts winter away, more potholes are popping up- some that could cause major damage to your car.

Inspect Tires – The tire is the most important cushion between a car and a pothole. Make sure tires have enough tread and are properly inflated. When checking tire pressures, ensure they are inflated to the manufacturer's recommended levels, which can be found in the owner's manual or on a sticker on the driver's door jamb Look Ahead – Make a point of checking the road ahead for potholes. An alert driver may have time to avoid potholes, so it's important to stay focused on the road and not any distractions inside or outside the vehicle. Slow Down – If a pothole cannot be avoided, reduce speed safely being sure to check the rearview mirror before any abrupt braking. Beware of Puddles – A puddle of water can disguise a deep pothole. Use care when driving through puddles and treat them as though they may be hiding potholes Check Alignment – Hitting a pothole can knock a car's wheels out of alignment and affect the steering. If a vehicle pulls to the left of right, have the wheel alignment checked out Recognize Noises/Vibrations – A hard pothole impact can dislocate wheel weights, damage a tire or wheel, and bend or even break suspension components. Any new or unusual noises or vibrations that appear after hitting a pothole should be inspected immediately by a certified technician