Activist remembers the ordeal of the missing girls

Activist remembers the ordeal of the missing girls

For nearly a decade, many family members, friends and supporters never gave up hope that Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight would be found.

Judy Martin of Survivors Victims of Tragedy is one of them.

"God bless them," Martin said. "They survived a decade of horror."

Over the years, Martin and Art McKoy, two local activists, were fixtures leading the vigils and ceremonies to remember the missing girls.

Year after year, they gathered keeping hope alive.

"We just always assumed that we just needed to find the right answer, find the right clue, have somebody speak up. That's all," said
Martin, whose son was murdered more than 20 years ago.
Martin and McCoy were there on the day when the girls returned home.
"The fact that they've been able to come out and be back with their families and to do the things that they wanted to do, whether it was
to get an education, learn a new trade, write a book, travel or just be with their family. That's all that's needed," Martin said.
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