Report: University of Akron draws lowest football attendance in NCAA

Report: University of Akron draws lowest football attendance in NCAA


recently released a

revealing the University of Akron had the worst attendance record for the


The report shows that 55,019 people came to the Zips' six home games over the course of the season, in which Akron finished 5-7.

InfoCision Stadium can hold 30,000, but the average for this past season was less than 10,000 spectators per game.

Nathan Mortimer, interim athletic director at the University of Akron, said there are many factors that played a part in the low attendance, including game times, which he believes were inconvenient for students.

"It all starts with a winning team on the field. If you have a winning team, you're going to get attention. We had a large number of games that happened during the week," explained Mortimer.

This comes as a blow to the university after it spent $65 million building InfoCision Stadium in 2009. Mortimer said student fees help fund the debt created by the stadium.

"What we pay that debt with and what we operate with student fees or tuition are a large part of that," said Mortimer.

Students have mixed feelings about the multimillion dollar facility fans neglect to fill.

"I was pretty bummed because I think we have a great program here and the facility is beautiful," said senior Zita Spoeneman.

"It's kind of a waste we spent that much because we have poor attendance," said junior Aaron McCartney.

The athletic department says despite the disappointment, they are pressing forward and brainstorming strategies to increase attendance for the upcoming season.

"It is what it is, but it gives the opportunity to make some improvements," said Mortimer.

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