Pool parasite concerns on the rise

Pool parasites concerns on the rise


A dip and a dive in the pool is just what the doctor ordered on a beautiful summer day.  However, outbreaks of illnesses in pools and hot tubs are on the rise across the country, thanks to a nasty parasite

Cryptosporidium or crypto for short can survive 10 days or more even in chlorinated pools and hot tubs.

Doctor Amy Zhang at University Hospitals says humans are the host and the source of the problem parasite.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of crypto outbreaks have increased significantly each year. Exposure has accounted for nearly 1800 illnesses, almost a hundred hospitalizations and one death.

Some symptoms of the harmful parasite include fevers, chills, stomach cramps and loose stools      

Brad Schmoekel with Litehouse Pools and Spas says if you've got concerns about a water quality at a public pool, bring in a sample.  They'll test it for free and show you what needs to be done to make swimming safer. He says prevention is the best way to stop spreading the parasite. 

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