New reward offered in 1987 cold case murder

New reward offered in 1987 cold case murder
Alaina Zavodny's murder case reopened

BEDFORD, OH (WOIO) - The city of Bedford is offering a new $5,000 reward to solve Alania Zavodny's cold case homicide.

"We are looking for the public to step in and help us solve the rest of the puzzle," Bedford Police Chief Kris Nietert said.

It's a puzzle that has gone unsolved for 28 years.

In 1987, 24-year-old Zavodny, a mother of two, was stabbed to death at the Alamo Apartments.

She was a manager at the complex that once stood on Broadway Avenue where Zoom Collision Repair Service now stands.

Police do not want to mention who he is, but a young man was arrested shortly after Alania's murder. He was tried at the Justice Center and found not guilty.

Just weeks ago, a new tip came in.

"That information spurred some interest," Nietert said. "When we looked at it, at the time there was another individual who was under consideration then. You start looking at it and you start piecing things together. Then you think maybe we did the wrong thing the first time."

Paperwork and case files that had not been touched in decades are now under new scrutiny.

Now it is one of Chief Nietert's top priorities.

Investigators have reviewed hours of old interviews on cassettes and blood-stained clothes are being DNA tested.

"Obviously, since 1987 the technology has advanced there have been changes from what was done then to what can be done now," Nietert explained.

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