Dress code has employees at big business hot under the collar

Dress code has employees at big business hot under the collar

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - You might say Summa Health System is showing their employees who wears the pants with an updated and stricter dress code.

Even patients think it may be getting a little too specific for comfort.

"They have all these ideas for women to wear panties and the hair dress code. I can understand the earrings, the ear bobs and everyone else, but I thought it was kind of too personal," said Rochelle Cheeseboro of Akron.

Employees now need to cover up tattoos and piercings. They cannot have extreme hair colors, wear capri pants or open-toed shoes.

The women must wear pantyhose and underwear.

"Underwear is a natural thing. I don't care what kind of toilet paper they come out with, you should never be bare," said Luwanna Woods of Akron.

But Summa employee Allyn Sanders says he gets it.

"Change happens. You've got to adjust to things," said Sanders.

Summa Health System released a statement noting, "the specific requirements of the policy are designed with the best interests and safety of our patients in mind."

But many patients say they've never seen anything inappropriate.

"No, I never have, nothing that I ever found offensive at all," said Alan Baley of Akron.

Still, Sanders, who now has to wear a beard guard in the kitchen where he works, says he understands.

"I have to do what I have to do to keep my job," he said.

Summa has said they will provide exceptions for religious and ethnic reasons or for disabilities, but those situations need to be approved in advance.

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