Crop chef to open 3 more concepts in Flats East

Crop chef to open 3 more concepts in Flats East

Cleveland Chef Steve Schimoler calls himself a glutton for punishment, taking on not one, but three spaces in the new Flats East Bank project.

He says he's excited to put the Crop stamp on the revamped entertainment district.

Schimoler is working feverishly to launch his trio of tenants. He built a centralized kitchen and consolidated bathrooms to pull it off.

Crop Stix is planned as a 75-seat contemporary Asian restaurant. A walk through the hallway and you're in Crop Rocks, which will be a 1969 summer-of-love-inspired dining room.

There Schimoler has partnered with retired Rock Hall Director Terry Stewart.

"We're going to open with about 20,000 records alphabetized, curated, hand selected and we have a vintage DJ radio station booth where we will be constantly spinning vintage vinyl,"  said Schimoler.

Stewart is also lending his museum-level collection of memorabilia to the restaurant.

"Artifacts, concert posters, all that kind of stuff. He just obtained an 18 by 8-foot Hard Day's Night billboard Beatles from 1964 which will
be prominently displayed on that wall," he said.

Schimoler's most ambitious project is On-Air, a combination restaurant, recording studio, and stage.

It will be equipped with HD cameras and an internet radio station for musical acts, business presentations, and even TV shows.

"Now it's all about generating content and the sky's the limit. We can literally do anything we want down here great audio and great video," said Schimoler.

All three locations are all expected to open in about a month.

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