Who is Michael J. Brennan?

Published: Oct. 16, 2015 at 6:49 PM EDT|Updated: Oct. 16, 2015 at 7:09 PM EDT
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PARMA HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - Surveillance video from the Papa John's on Pearl Road in Parma Heights shows a gunman holding two workers at bay. Police say the gunman is Michael
J. Brennan.

After the register opened he left with $89. He would have only a few minutes to live. He fled down Pearl Road but was spotted by an alert police officer.

The chase went onto I-480 where an ODOT traffic camera caught it on screen. It ended not far from Pearl Road when he slammed into the median, according to Parma Heights Detective Sergeant Steve Scharschmidt.

"After he crashed into the median, the officers were certainly surrounding him, in a half circle, giving verbal commands and they saw a lot of movement in the vehicle. At that time he exited the vehicle and again he had a weapon," said Det. Sgt. Scharschmidt.

Six officers fired, killing Brennan. News of his death spread quickly on social media, so quickly that his mother Vicki Wood first heard of it on Facebook and asked on-line what was going on.

Then her plea, "this is Mike's mother please someone message me and tell me how anyone knows this was Mike!"

Cleveland 19 reporter Paul Orlousky spoke in person with Michael Brennan's father, he didn't want to speak on camera.  He said his son struggled
with addiction for years, but had been sober for nearly a year, recently he stumbled and wanted to get back into treatment at the Keating Center, but it didn't work out.

Police haven't said if the gun was real. Papa John's workers have a cheat sheet so they can identify a weapon to police, they said it looked like a 9 millimeter, it also looked that way to the 6 officers who fired.

So is it real?

"We don't know that at this time, we don't want to say it was a replica firearm. It certainly may be, but we want to have it tested before we're certain," said Det. Sgt. Scharschmidt.

Another source said the gun was a replica. In an abundance of caution the weapon wasn't handled at the scene so as to preserve its evidentiary value thus testing will be done.
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