Tech bootcamp offers money back guarantee

Tech bootcamp offers money back guarantee

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Their mission is to turn a novice software coder into a pro in 14 weeks.

A tech school run like a boot-camp, where students learn the ins and outs of JAVA and .NET.

Tech Elevator located in the historic Baker Electric Motor Cars' former showroom in Cleveland, is now home to a whole new level of innovation.

The program is 14 weeks long, and aims to keep classes small.

Students have various backgrounds, but there are certain skills needed to get in the doors.

Problem solving techniques and creative types usually catch on fast.

"Some were servers, musicians, and others were in the industry but not in coding roles," said Tech Elevator founder, Anthony Hughes.

The program is aiming to be a breeding ground, turning out Junior Software Developers.

Hughes has so much faith in the program, he's created a money back guarantee.

"If students don't find a job in 120 days, we will give them their money back spent on tuition," added Hughes.

Tuition is $12,000, the jobs students can land range in annual salary from $50,000 and up. Last year alone according to Burning Glass, a labor market research group, Cuyahoga County had 6,000 software developer jobs up for grabs.

Tech Elevator already has classes in session, but they're looking to recruit the next group.

January 25, 2016 is when the next 14 week long program starts-up.

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