Consumer Alert: Ecstasy masked to look like Halloween candy

Consumer Alert: Ecstasy masked to look like Halloween candy

(WOIO) - Parents have more to worry about this year than just a Halloween costume. Dangerous drugs that look like candy are popping up and could be deadly to children.

"It's really scary that there's people out there that want to hurt kids on Halloween," said Rachel Martin.

Photos posted on social media nationwide show Ecstasy pills that look like real candy.

"Sure, that looks like candy to me. You put anything in a colorful way and kids might eat it," said one parent.

That's exactly what police fear.

"They'd be in the emergency room without a doubt. The Ecstasy, amongst other things, it causes you to grind your teeth and you hallucinate. That would be extremely frightening for the child, the parents as well," said Capt. Guy Turner with Westlake Police.

Police say it's an old product wrapped in a new package.

"I want to take you back to the 1970s here and look at the colors. They're very similar to Sweet Tarts or Sprees or Smarties. These people just piggyback off legitimate stuff," explained Turner.

Police say they haven't seen any local cases yet, but want parents to be on the lookout.

"If you're not sure, package it up. The less you handle it, the better. Put it in a plastic baggie and call your local police," Turner suggested.

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