Browns paid $22K in taxpayer money for salutes to military

Browns paid $22K in taxpayer money for salutes to military

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - According to, the Cleveland Browns were one of 14 NFL teams to accept payments for displays of patriotism. The site says the Department of Defense gave out a total of $5.4 million over the last four years in exchange for patriotic displays at games.

The final payment to the Browns was made in September of 2012, which was the final month of Al Lerner's ownership. Jimmy Haslam took over the team in October of that year.

"We are proud and privileged to support and honor the servicemen and servicewomen of our country throughout the year. We never have nor will consider receiving funds to provide the proper recognition they deserve for their devoted service," said Browns Communications Manager Rob McBurnett.

The Browns joined the Jets, Falcons, Ravens, Bills, Bengals, Packers, Colts, Chiefs, Vikings and Steelers in receiving multiple payouts, while the Cowboys, Dolphins and Rams received one-time payouts.

Cleveland received $10,000 in September of 2012 and $12,500 in September of 2011. The $22,500 pales in comparison to what other teams got. The Atlanta Falcons banked a total of $1,049,500 over five payouts.