North Ridgeville residents say dirt pile causing heap of problems

North Ridgeville residents say dirt pile causing heap of problems

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, OH (WOIO) - Bud Bornemann says he's had to pay thousands of dollars because of flood damage to his house, and he says it's all because of a dirt mound near his house on Pitts Boulevard in North Ridgeville.

"I'm tired of rebuilding my house every two years. I'm tired of it," Bornemann said.

He says the city put the pile of dirt there after a major flood in 1989 in order to build a retention pond to help with flooding.

"As a result of that flood this retention base was dug but no one told them to take the dirt away," Bornemann said.

Residents say the mound, which is now grown over with grass and trees, causes more problems than ever.

Theone Tasantes says the mound makes flooding worse because it pushes water toward their houses.

"A slew of water comes from all directions," Tasantes said.

Residents say this has been an ongoing problem for 20 years.

"We're just asking for responsibility, so many people have lost their homes their houses," Tasantes said.

Despite repeated complaints, residents claim city officials have done nothing but make empty promises. They want action and they're running out of options.

"I'm tired of flooding and the insurance company is going to cancel me if it happens one more time," Bornemann said.

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