NFL will not discipline Manziel after argument with girlfriend

NFL will not discipline Manziel after argument with girlfriend

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The NFL will not take disciplinary action against Johnny Manziel after a roadside argument with his girlfriend on October 12.

Manziel was questions by league officials after the incident.

The NFL  released this statement Tuesday:

Consistent with the procedures of the league's Personal Conduct Policy, we have examined the available evidence regarding the recent incident involving Johnny Manziel. Our investigation included a thorough review of information from law enforcement and our own interviews with multiple individuals, including the two involved in the incident. Based on the information gathered, we have concluded that there is an insufficient basis on which to take disciplinary action. In all cases of this nature, under the Personal Conduct Policy our concern goes well beyond the issue of discipline, and we have made comprehensive professional resources available on a confidential basis.

Manziel also released a statement:

"I appreciate the NFL's  diligence and discretion in reviewing a situation that was both personal and embarrassing. Colleen and I cooperated fully with the NFL's process and completely support their goals of making sure that every family under their umbrella is safer and more secure. I'm grateful that the review was so thorough and fair that there should be no question left in the public mind about what actually happened. I'm looking forward to focusing my energies on our start against the Ravens and bringing in a win for our fans in Cleveland."

Per the police report, Manziel and his girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, were in downtown Cleveland drinking on Oct. 12 and had plans to go see a movie. When he decided he wanted to pick up a friend also, this upset Crowley, who then wanted to return to Avon.

Manziel told police he began heading home and while on I-90, he had Crowley's cell phone on his lap to control the music. During the ride, Crowley began accusing him of "driving bad." He told police that Crowley grabbed his wallet from the center divider and threw it out the window.

Manziel then pulled over his vehicle and went to look for the wallet. After parking, he stated "she did try to get out of the car." He then admitted to "trying to grab her arm to keep her from 'riding' out of the car."

Police asked Manziel if - at any point - there was any striking, punching or pulling of hair. Manziel responded, "no."

Crowley did suffer a friction burn to her wrist, per the report.

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