School district debates two-hour delay when winter strikes

School district debates two-hour delay when winter strikes
Parents have mixed reviews about two-hour delay (Source: WOIO)
Parents have mixed reviews about two-hour delay (Source: WOIO)

NAVARRE, OH (WOIO) - Students in one Stark County school district could see something different when Old Man Winter comes knocking this year.

The Fairless Local School District in Navarre is considering two-hour delays when the weather gets a little wintry. School officials say it will all depend on the day.

"We have them to be used and it all depends on the type of day it is, the weather, I will make that judgment call, that will be my responsibility to say, this is a good delay day, we'll delay two hours and then get our students into school," said Superintendent Broc Bidlack.

In 2014, Fairless schools closed 11 days due to inclement weather.

Bidlack says school could have opened some of those days if a two-hour delay was in place.

He surveyed parents online during school year and more than 400 replied.

85 percent of those parents support a two-hour delay.

There are 17 traditional schools in Stark County but only three school districts currently have the option to delay.

There are mixed responses from parents.

"Well, it would put them in a jam because then they would have to get a sitter or find someone to put their kids on the bus. There were days when they called off when there was really no need to call off," said Tracy Smith.

"Sometimes it interferes with different aspects of a parent's day," said Sarah Steele.

"Yeah, for somebody like me who can't afford daycare right now, I'd rather they close," said Melissa Palmer.

Superintendent Bidlack says he'll use the two-hour delay at his discretion and won't keep parents wondering.

"Don't use a delay decision to try to give yourselves more time. Try to make that decision: either we're off school or we're delayed so that we know how to handle our children for that time frame. I want to respect that," he said.

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