Performance Review: How McGinty handled the Rice case

Performance Review: How McGinty handled the Rice case

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - We now know that after reviewing the evidence, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty said he would have recommended no charges against either
officer in the Tamir Rice shooting, but he still took the case to a grand jury,which is his policy in police-involved deadly force shootings.

Case Western Reserve School of Law Professor and criminal defense lawyer Susan Moran says that's not what other prosecutors would do.

"This whole process has been odd. We haven't seen it before where a prosecutor goes before a grand jury without advocating for a criminal indictment," Moran said.

Rice family attorney Subodh Chandra not surprised nobody got charged.

"To me as a former federal prosecutor watching Prosecutor McGinty and his assistants essentially pervert the criminal justice process and the grand jury process, it wasn't a surprise. I saw this coming for months," Chandra said.

Former Special Prosecutor and criminal defense lawyer Robert Glickman believes the grand jury got it right.

"I believe the prosecutor's office went about this case the same way they went about the Brelo case which had a different result. The officer was indicted," Glickman said.

Both Moran and Glickman are surprised that McGinty never cross-examined the two officers, but allowed their written statements to be seen by the grand jury.

"It's unfair. You have now allowed them to make a one-sided statement," Moran said.

"I never heard of that happening before," Glickman said.

The Rice family wants the transcripts released. Moran agrees in the interest of transparency, but does not believe that will happen.

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