No Powerball jackpot? Don't toss that ticket!

No Powerball jackpot? Don't toss that ticket!

BROOK PARK, OH (WOIO) - The Powerball jackpot has hit staggering numbers, standing at $1.3 billion after no one won Saturday night's drawing.

People are flocking to Smith & Snow Shell in Brook Park. It's called the luckiest convenience store in Ohio.

"They heard this is the lucky store, so these are the winners," said Angelia Vansweringen, holding up her tickets.

"Somebody will win it and hopefully, it's me," said John Rocheck.

Wednesday night, one of William Prymas's customers won $50,000.

The latest jackpot is so big it won't fit on his signs in and outside of his store.

"We had to put up a little handwritten sign because we don't have provisions for $1.3 billion," Prymas said.

He says you actually have a good chance of winning something even if it's not much.

Many people don't realize that even without the big jackpot you can still be a winner.

Prymas recommends hanging on to your ticket even if you didn't win the jackpot.

Check the rules closely. You could still win anywhere from $4 to $2 million.

Here's how it works:

If you win just the Powerball number you get $4. The odds are 1 in 38 for that.

You need to match two numbers plus the Powerball to win $7.

If you up it to three numbers plus the Powerball, you'll pocket $100.

As the numbers you match go up, you win more.

The chances of winning one million dollars is one in 11,688,054.

"Well, I'm rich beyond my wildest dreams. $7 I won in the Powerball," said John Tamburello, as he used his winnings to buy more tickets.

"I'm gonna reinvest it to win the billion now!" he said.

The next drawing is Wednesday night.

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