Health Alert: Pink pill for women

Health Alert: Pink pill for women
Pink pill for women.

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's said when the cold weather sets in so does the "loving feeling."

With that a new review is out regarding the so-called pink pill for women. After being available for three months now the questions come up: Are women really using it? Is it doing the job? It hit the prescription market with huge hype expected to satisfy a huge demand.

At this point the number of prescriptions written for the so-called little pink pill or "Addy" is not at all overwhelming.

"I think the idea that women will storm the gates and go to their doctor or nurse practitioner to get the prescription is a little naive," says University Hospital's Behavioral Specialist, Dr. Sheryl Kingsburg.

Dr. Kingsburg attributes the slower demand for "Addy" as opposed to the initial rush for Viagra for men, to the fact that women want a different fix and are more apt to take their time in making the decision to try it.

Kingsburg explains, "it's not what women are looking for, they don't want to be hypersexual they want some of their desire back. They want to restore what they had before."

That's why she's quick to respond to a recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine citing only modest benefits of Flibanserin, the clinical name.

She actually took part in some of the clinical trials, arguing "women showed, and we measured their sense of clinical benefit and they thought that this improvement was clinically meaningful to them and at the end of the day that's what really counts."

What also counts, she says, is simply the fact that the FDA is giving it a chance, even though it took a while. "I think the FDA, I think our culture
gets it that women's sexual function is as important to women as men's' sexual function is to men."

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